The Art of Food

Documentary chronicles how intern chefs learn to prepare the world’s best dining experience
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Being at home all day isn’t easy, but movies and documentaries are a good way to get a taste of the wider world from the comfort of your couch. In the case of “STAGE: The Culinary Internship,” you’ll be watching novice chefs get a literal taste of the world of fine dining. 

“STAGE: The Culinary Internship” follows a group of aspiring chefs during a nine-month apprenticeship at one of the best restaurants in the world: Mugaritz, nestled in the hills outside San Sebastian, Spain. While the twice Michelin-starred restaurant’s famed, avant-garde cuisine elevates these young hopefuls to think outside the confines of a kitchen, can they handle the heat of its intense creative environment? You can find out starting on May 29, when the documentary will be available for screening nationwide, including a screening the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, in an effort to help support local arthouse cinemas.

The documentary features Chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz, world famous chef and judge on Netflix’s “Final Table.” He’s the visionary behind Mugaritz, a restaurant that fuses an innovative take on cooking with traditional Basque cuisine. The restaurant’s dishes are designed to create a new sensory experience for diners, taking them on a customized journey where food can have unexpected textures, flavors and appearances. 

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