The Face of Cannabis

David Lewis Stability Cannabis


With an 85,000-square-foot indoor growing facility, Stability Cannabis is Oklahoma’s largest indoor medical marijuana cultivator. But being the biggest doesn’t matter if the quality suffers.

“Oklahoma has many cultivators who produce high quality flower,” operating partner David Lewis says, “but at Stability, we produce high quality at large scale, and no one else is doing that.”

What’s the scale? Stability has seven flower rooms, and each is harvested every 63 days, meaning they are harvesting one thousand plants every nine days. They produce enough product to support roughly 150 dispensaries and processors statewide.

“Many of our clients can stock 75 percent of their total inventory with our products,” Lewis says. “We have nearly 100,000 square feet of space in cultivation, processing, packaging and retail combined.”

The retail is adjacent to the cultivation facility, and operates “a bit like a factory outlet,” according to Lewis. “We’re primarily a grower, but we do have several signature items like pre-rolls, infused flower and concentrates.”

The entire lineup of Stability’s award-winning flower is available in the showroom they keep for wholesale clients, and much of that product is available in retail, as well. The operation is large enough to employ 85 staff members, and Lewis says they’ll be adding 40 more this year. Business is blooming.


1043 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73108