The Face of Family Advocacy

Amber Godfrey, Godfrey Law & Associates, PLLC
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“I know it sounds cliché, but we’re good at representing our clients’ best interests because we care about them,” says Amber Godfrey. 


Godfrey has been practicing law for 11 years, and now with associate attorney Victoria Johnson, Godfrey and Associates is one of the leading family law firms in the state, specializing in divorce, adoptions, guardian ad litem and mediation. But they are trial attorneys, too.


“I tell young attorneys who ask about family law that if they don’t like being in court, they’re in the wrong field,” Godfrey says. “We settle about 95 percent of our cases outside court, but we also have the expertise and willingness to represent our clients in court.”


While caring is a core value of the firm, so is managing client expectations. “We have to listen to what our clients want, recognizing that many of them are in a bad place in their lives, but we also have to be clear about what the realities are,” Johnson says. “That objectivity and clarity are beneficial to our clients.”


Clear communication, compassion and expert advocacy are the values around which Godfrey Law & Associates is built. 


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