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  Looking back a year, Valerie Naifeh is proud her company not only survived COVID, but in fact, thrived!

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Looking back a year, Valerie Naifeh is proud her company not only survived COVID, but in fact, thrived! During quarantine, Naifeh Fine Jewelry’s custom and repair business skyrocketed exponentially. It seems when people were staying home, cleaning out old jewelry boxes and uncovering projects they didn’t realize they had was productive and fun. Recycling gemstones you already own feels good, especially when they’re outdated and tired. Valerie Naifeh has always had a high regard for custom design, enjoying great satisfaction when working with a particular person “to create a piece as unique as they are.”

Naifeh Fine Jewelry has a 22-year history of top-notch design expertise, imbedded in the award-winning talent of its leader, Valerie Naifeh. She began her career as a model maker and finisher for a local jeweler in Tulsa while in college. During her apprenticeship, her love of gemstones and passion for creating fine jewelry grew, leading to the realization that “jewelry is not just gemology, it is art.” Two years ago, Naifeh moved her staff and showroom to Nichols Hills Plaza, where she was able to build a state- of-the art manufacturing studio and design lab. This stunning space brilliantly encapsulates Naifeh’s extravagant pieces, and harbors an expanded showroom that features a bar and bridal boutique – as well as gifts starting at just $25.

When entering Naifeh Fine Jewelry, you’ll be greeted with not only dazzling pieces of jewelry and beautiful art, but also a welcoming and personable staff. Having a comfortable and stylish area to display her curated collection of designer items, fine jewelry and gifts has always been Naifeh’s goal, because creating a pleasant atmosphere and personal relationships with her clients makes trips to Naifeh Fine Jewelry unlike any other jewelry boutique!


6471 Avondale Dr. Nichols Hills, OK 73116

(405) 607-4323