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Priscilla Forehand, Lap of Luxury: Lifestyle Pet Photography
Faces 2020 Lap Of Luxury Lifestyle Pet Photography


A long-term affinity for photography and a love of four-legged friends is a match made in heaven for Priscilla Forehand, owner of Lap of Luxury: Lifestyle Pet Photography. 


Forehand combines that passion with her photographic skills to create lifestyle portraits of pets. Her clients include individuals, festivals, foundations, magazines, conferences, conventions, non-profit organizations and numerous pet product companies; all while donating her photography services to animal shelters and rescue groups, as well as a philanthropic partnership with the Kirkpatrick Foundation to help cats and dogs get adopted. For going on two decades, she has continued perfecting her skills on her own growing family of felines. 


While based in the 405, Forehand loves traveling across the entire state of Oklahoma to capture images of pets living in their own “lap of luxury,” either at home or on location. 


The way she sees it, everyone should have at least one high-quality photo of their pet. 


“I understand that pets are an important part of people’s lives, and I want to preserve that special relationship by capturing meaningful, expressive, animated and thoughtful photographs of their furry, four-legged loved ones that they will have to cherish now, and long after that pet has passed.”


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