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Dr. Brett Braly’s path to his present career
as an orthopedic spine surgeon at The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City began on a high school wrestling mat in Enid, Oklahoma.

Braly sustained an injury during practice that ultimately resulted in a spinal fusion. It ended his wrestling career, but it gave focus to his dream of working in the medical field.

At The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City, Braly treats patients suffering from bulging disc, spinal cord injury, nerve pressure and much more.
His first step is to seek treatment options to avoid surgery, but when those options fail, he’s

able to provide the latest techniques in spinal decompression, minimally invasive spine surgery, revision spine surgery and spinal fusion surgery.

“For many patients suffering from chronic pain, day-to-day life can be difficult,” Braly said. “We want to get our patients active
again while exposing them to as little risk as medically necessary. I believe in my heart that spine surgery, for the right diagnosis and done appropriately, does work. But if there is any way that we can save those patients from the trauma of surgery, that’s what I’m seeking.”

Braly is invested in learning and mastering the latest techniques for minimally invasive spine surgery. Through commitment to spe- cialty societies, clinical trials and in-house research, he can maintain the use of the safest methodologies.

“I’m dedicated to finding the safest and most successful outcomes for all patients,” Braly

said. “Our goal is that patients feel significant relief from their pains and are capable of returning to a quality, active lifestyle.”

If you’re suffering, Braly and the team at The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City can get you back on your feet. Call 405.424.5415 to schedule an appointment.


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