The Face of Women’s Hormone Therapy

Dr. Noel Williams, Optimal Health Associates


There’s no substitute for technical knowledge when it comes to providing expert care, and after more than a quarter of a century as a medical professional, Dr. Noel Williams is at the top of his field. However, the x-factor that sets his practice at Optimal Health apart in the field of hormone therapy is something else entirely.

“We’re focused on old-fashioned care,” Williams says. “We provide a human touch by calling with results, answering questions, caring for our patients with a smile; elements that often get lost in the modern health care system.”

Both men and women are welcome as patients at Optimal Health, where they can find a range of services – including, unlike many other providers, the use of BioTE® hormone pellet therapy. This widely studied form of natural hormone therapy has the same molecular structure as human hormones, provides a suite of health benefits for users, lasts longer than other treatments and is among the best possible examples of Optimal Health’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive and progressive healthcare possible, with an emphasis on the individual.

“I want to treat each patient holistically,” Dr. Williams says. “I want to look at the big picture, and make sure their everyday life is as good as possible.”

“At Optimal Health, we endeavor to treat the whole person, not just symptoms.”


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