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Rachel Bussett and Bussett Legal Group have been at the forefront of cannabis law since the be- ginning of legalization in Oklahoma. When the Department of Health created illegal, restrictive rules limiting access and use in 2018, Bussett filed the suit that overturned the rules and got Oklahoma’s green gold rush off to a running start.

“We are a small family firm, and we’re all lady lawyers,” Bussett said. “I didn’t set out to create an all-female law firm, but that’s how it has developed. When starting the firm, I wanted to create a firm that allowed me to be a mother and a professional. In doing so I created a firm that supports and encourages the advancement of professional women with families.”

Bussett Legal Group is one of the few firms – if not the only one in Oklahoma City – that has the breadth of knowledge and experience to serve both cannabis companies and their employees with issues directly and indirectly related to cannabis. This is due to their members’ extensive experience in other areas of law including family, employment, business, estate planning and probate litigation, and criminal defense. Beyond that, though, they have excellent training and experience in helping businesses get started
in the cannabis sector, with business creation, licensing, compliance, employee management, dispute resolution and other needs.

“We cover the whole spectrum of legal needs for cannabis companies and their employees,” Bussett said. “I’ve been a supporter of legalization from the beginning, and we’ve worked hard to ensure cannabis companies and patients are represented fairly and well.”

Bussett brings a wealth of experience in business working as a consultant with KPMG,

LLP, early in her career, including two years dedicated to working closely with the senior management of Fortune 500 companies in an effort to improve business operations. Junior partner Ashley Weyland offers extensive experience in family, civil and criminal litigation, as well, thereby guaranteeing that any legal issue related to cannabis can be represented by the team at Bussett Legal Group.


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