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The Faces of CANNABIS

  In a volatile and fast-moving industry, Stability Cannabis lives up to its name.


In a volatile and fast-moving industry, Stability Cannabis lives up to its name. Oklahoma’s largest cultivator and distributor of medical marijuana combines professionalism, follow-through and consistency that resonates with customers.

Stability Cannabis has 2.7 million square feet of cultivation and award-winning process

operations to support hundreds of retail medical marijuana dispensaries statewide. Through its own retail stores, Stability sells direct to medical marijuana patients in the Oklahoma City metro.

The company is led by Denver Kitch, David Lewis, Austin Clay and Drew Clayton, all of whom grew up in the Oklahoma City area and are raising their own families here.

“The 405 delivers a quality of life across our professional and personal lives that simply can’t be replaced,” Kitch said.

Over the past three years, Stability Cannabis has grown to 140+ employees operating five sites across Oklahoma. This allows Stability to support a statewide distribution network which supplies tens of thousands of medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma.

Despite its rapid growth, Stability prides itself on bringing professionalism to the cannabis industry, which has led to industry awards, a quickly expanding customer base and a solid workforce that consistently delivers. Stability Cannabis is an Oklahoma Cannabis Cup winner for Best Indica Flower and for Best Concentrate.

“Through our plant cultivation, we bring peace of mind to people across the 405,” Clay said. “Our business brings us into contact with the greatest people on the planet: our friends and neighbors.”

The team works to make Stability not just a leader in the cannabis field, but a leader in making a positive impact on Oklahoma. Oklahoma-based charitable organizations and events can seek financial support through the company’s charitable support arm, StabilityGives.

Centrally located near I-40 and Meridian Avenue in Oklahoma City, Stability’s 4,000-square-foot super-store has one of the largest product selections in the state and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Being patients ourselves, we built Stability with unique patient-focused experiences,” Lewis said. “We have an express lane to get customers in and out in under two minutes, a VIP concentrates section and an accessories counter where we can explain how all the hardware works.”

Whether you’re a new patient or an existing customer, the team at Stability Cannabis is ready to help guide you.


4529 Enterprise Place

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

(405) 212-2270