The Faces of Wisdom Teeth, Dental Implants and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Oral & Maxillofacial Associates


The six surgeons comprising Oral & Maxillofacial Associates are Board Certified Specialists in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which is the surgical component of dentistry. In their training, each provider has completed four years of dental school, with an additional four to six years of a hospital-based residency to round out their education and prepare them for the administration of anesthesia. With 26 years of service to the Oklahoma City metro, they are one of the largest and longest-running practices in the state. 

All four OMA locations share one goal: to improve the health and lives of people in Oklahoma by providing compassionate and innovative surgery of the face, mouth and jaw with unparalleled customer service. They strive to treat every patient as if they were members of their own families.  They focus on providing the best surgical outcomes by offering patient-focused care with state-of-the-art equipment and methods.  

Whether you are looking to replace a missing tooth, to have your wisdom teeth removed or to completely restore your smile, OMA is the place for you. Their strict standards and DAANCE certification requirements for each surgical assistant allow them to provide you the safest surgical experience possible. Pair that with specialized implant teams and high dental implant success rates, and you are guaranteed to be well taken care of. On top of that, they work closely with your dentist to ensure the success of your treatment, ultimately giving you back the power of your smile. 


OKC- 405-548-7994

Norman- 405-292-8900

MWC- 405-733-4296

Edmond- 405-341-4022

LtoR- Dr. Tracy McIntire, Dr. Vincent Montgomery, Dr. Drew Wendelken

Dr. Michael Saumur, Dr. Scott Searcey, Dr. Ross Martin