The Natural Touch for Self-Care

Conscientious choices from local vendors
From Salt & Water Still Mist essential oil blend by Noto, $27; Venus Amber body oil by Shiva Rose, $90; Palo Santo skin potion by Monk Oil, $25; Sandalwood, cedarwood and ylangylang body lotion by Frama, $75


With spring and the natural world blooming around us, April is the perfect time to get an upgrade on your repertoire of personal skin treatments. Whether it be a new body lotion, botanical perfume, oil or spray, going “natural” is more than a trend; it’s a wonderfully refreshing type of self-care. Rather than dousing yourself in harmful concoctions, why not give these conscientious products a try? Once you’ve discovered your ideal regimen, you’ll likely feel as though everything is coming up roses.

From Solare Solare healing hand cream, $26; Everyday Oil, 2oz $22, 8oz $48; Rose quartz and jade facial rollers, $32 and $24
From Florescent “Sundays,” “Pretty Bird” and “Gâteaux” botanical perfumes, $79 each



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