The Whys of Wild Weather

Science Museum Oklahoma’s informative exhibition


Weather is one of the few parts of nature humans can’t tame; however, we have made significant advances in understanding the science behind it. Through Labor Day, the Wild Weather exhibition at Science Museum Oklahoma will educate Oklahomans of all ages about the mechanics of severe weather.

“It allows people to learn the science that brings the storm,” says Clint Stone, vice president for programs. Attendees will learn the science behind the inclement weather Oklahoma faces, such as tornadoes and torrential rain, but they can also learn about unfamiliar forms of weather, such as the hurricanes of the coast or the winter storms of the north.

Involvement is essential in Wild Weather, and the exhibition shows people how they can engage in weather science on their own, Stone said. He also recommends that families attend together, for the main goal is for them to walk away with a stronger safety plan.



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