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Thrill of the Hunt

Everything old is new again, and the perfect vintage or repurposed piece to complete a home’s décor is out there … somewhere. Be patient and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

WHAT GIVES A DESIGN LIFE? The details. If you haven’t noticed, today’s consumers care about the particulars of origin more than ever before. Products deemed “repurposed,” “reclaimed,” “vintage” or even “rescued” are popular and trendy, but true to their tag line, they are here to stay. The look is so desired that even new things are made to look old … a little something extra to impart authenticity.

My interest in obscure antique stores began far outside the Oklahoma City area. New Orleans and St. Louis were frequent vacation spots for my family, and it was there that my parents hooked me with the thrill of the hunt. Antique doors were bungeed to the top of the family car for a long drive home, along with miscellaneous smaller treasures.

There’s nothing like being on the lookout for the perfect finishing touch for a room and now, more than ever, you don’t have to go to an antique store to find these one-of-a-kind details. I have happily perused some great businesses in the metro that offer all that you could ever want in this department. To my delight, there’s nothing obscure about any of them, and I know for a fact that there are many more to be found.

A bit of advice when you are out there looking: Be patient and keep your eyes open. Details … details.