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University of Oklahoma Joins the BrainChip University AI Accelerator Program

BrainChip Holdings Ltd.

BrainChip Holdings Ltd., a commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI IP, announced that the University of Oklahoma has joined the University AI Accelerator Program to provide students with the tools and resources needed to encourage development of cutting-edge technologies that will continue an era of increasing AI solutions.

BrainChip’s University AI Accelerator Program provides hardware, training and guidance to students at higher education institutions with existing AI engineering programs. Students participating in the program will have access to real-world, event-based technologies offering unparalleled performance and efficiency to advance their learning through graduation and beyond.

Each program session includes a demonstration and education of a working environment for BrainChip’s development platforms (including Akida PCIe Boards, Akida Shuttle PCs and Akida Raspberry Pis), combined with lecture-based teaching methods and hands-on experiential exploration.

“Over the years, we have provided curricula that focus on strong fundamentals with opportunities for specialization in areas of emerging interest,” said Dr. Y. Mike Banad, associate professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at OU. “We are looking forward to enabling the next generation of computer engineers with an opportunity to learn and apply real-world applications in the world of neuromorphic computing utilizing BrainChip’s Akida technology.”

BrainChip’s neural processor Al IP is an event-based technology that is inherently lower power when compared to conventional neural network accelerators. BrainChip IP supports incremental learning and high-speed inference in a wide variety of use cases, such as convolutional neural networks with high throughput and unsurpassed performance in microwatt to milliwatt power budgets. Among the markets that BrainChip’s Essential AI technology will impact are the next generation of edge devices of today and tomorrow and industrial IoT.

“Being able to provide University of Oklahoma students with the tools and resources needed to make an immediate impact in the industry is something that we aspire to accomplish through our AI enablement program,” said Rob Telson, BrainChip’s vice president of ecosystems and partnerships. “These students will enter the job force or continue in academia with real-world neuromorphic skills to make a difference in society. With Oklahoma being the home of the National Weather Service, this skillset will be especially important in applying sustainable and efficient AI to this increasingly important sector.”

OU joins current participants Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon University and Rochester Institute of Technology in the accelerator program.