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Workin’ for a Livin’

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw that asserts, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw that asserts, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s all well and good, but I think that even when you love your job, sometimes you have to consciously choose to love it (after all, who could blithely love every single thing about a job all the time? Not this Pisces.) Then there are those gratifying moments when all the stars align, everything seems to be going your way and the job chooses to love you back. Such was the process of putting together the magazine you now hold in your hands.

I’ll let you know a secret about this issue: it wasn’t easy. We had to really dig deep to do some hands-on research. Ultimately, it took a Herculean effort by the whole team to complete the task. At one point, there was some sweating. Some cursing. Saints and angels were invoked. I think I saw a co-worker’s eyes roll back in his head for a minute and I was a little worried, but to my relief he seemed to come out of his swoon pretty quickly.

Hmmm, it sounds like I’m describing Sean Becker’s story about the inspiring proliferation of the metro’s Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls on page 42, doesn’t it? Feats of strength, agility and athleticism that are awe-inspiring for their rarified level of excellence? Not even close.

This was intensive training for a different kind of pastime; one more suited to our somewhat sedentary, office-dweller mentalities (and, ahem, physiques) … In the name of journalism, we took up the challenge and ate our way through 21 of the city’s best breakfast locations, in dogged, delightful and satisfying pursuit of bringing you the inside scoop (or ladle of gravy, as it were) on the most important meal of the day. From savory to sweet, down-home traditional to spicy international flavor, we competed in our own type of quest for greatness. Read all about how we sacrificed our collective New Year’s diet resolutions for you in Steve Gill’s “For the Love of Breakfast” on page 54.

Other stories that made us wonder how we got so lucky include “A Welcome Retreat,” Elaine Warner’s tough assignment to test out the amenities at the spa within Sulphur’s Artesian Hotel, and “Brownie Bliss,” where Caryn Ross perfected the sweet Valentine’s Day indulgence that is sure to please any chocolate-lover’s palate. Grueling work environment, huh?

Confucius was completely right. I love my job.