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6 OKC Small-Business Gifts for Coffee-Lovers

For those who savor a roast or simply crave caffeine, these OKC coffee gifts will boost the holiday season.

A glass of iced cold brew coffee sit on an orange background.

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis/Unsplash.

For those who savor a roast or simply crave caffeine, these OKC coffee gifts will boost the holiday season.

Coffee Subscriptions

A subscription is just the gift that keeps on giving. Elemental Coffee has espresso and filter coffee subscriptions.  If you’re looking for something a little broader, the Stitch Cafe subscriptions feature 20-plus roasters from around the world.

A smooth turquoise ceramic coffee mug with the same color pour-over filter on top of it.
Photo from Blue Seven.

Pretty Pour-Over Set

Made by local potter Preacher Pottery, this pour-over coffee set from Blue Seven is the perfect gift for their morning pour-over coffee ritual. You can also ask for a specific color.

Two electric coffee grinders, one white and one black.
Photo from Hoboken Coffee Roasters.

Leveled-up Coffee Grinder

For entry-level at-home baristas, this Baratza Encore grinder from Hoboken Coffee Roasters provides consistent grinds for brew methods from espresso to French Press and everything in between.

A ceramic mug is glazed in aqua blue.
Photo from Paseo Pottery.

Coffee Mugs

Mugs are easy, functional, and it can also be made personal. Owner of Paseo Pottery Collin Rosebrook is a nationally published ceramic artisan sculptor. Pick up some locally made artisan mugs at his storefront for your coffee-sipping friends. If you want a real challenge, pick up some clay and make one yourself in one of Collin’s classes.

A blue bag of steeped coffee reads "Ends of the Earth Coffee Co."
Photo from Eote.

Steeped Coffee Bags

Eote brings you single-serve craft coffee anywhere, anytime. If you know someone that loves this local coffee roaster, this pack of steeped coffee bags is the easiest way to make a cup in minutes at work or on the go. 

A red tin can of coffee reads "Cowboy Blend."
Photo from Tallgrass Supply.

Coffee Beans

Roasted in the city by Sincerely Coffee Roasters, the Cowboy Blend from Tallgrass Supply has a medium profile with smooth chocolate and nutty flavor notes.