Factory Obscura Moves Beyond

Factory Obscura Moves Beyond

Creative collective Factory Obscura turned OKC art-lovers’ heads with “Shift”; this fall its new installation invites visitors “Beyond.”


Devotees of the OKC art scene – or engrossing experiences in general – should recognize the name Factory Obscura: the collective of local artists working in multiple media made a massive splash with last year’s immersive installation “Shift.” An estimated 20,000 people visited, touched, explored their way through and wondered at the large-scale outpouring of imagination before it disappeared. Now two dozen of Factory Obscura’s creators have reunited, combining their talents again with fresh inspirations and more space in which to work their varied, immersive magic: their next step, opening Sept. 22, is aptly named “Beyond.”

We can tell you where to look – 1522 S Robinson in OKC – and when – afternoons and evenings from Wednesdays through Sundays – but what visitors will find inside remains a mystery. It’s best to come in with no preconceptions, anyway. A Factory Obscura project isn’t an art show with discrete displays of individual pieces; it’s a blend of carefully crafted elements arranged in a cohesive whole, meant to be touched, interacted with and pondered. The sensation of personal discovery is a big part of the point, and two people are unlikely to experience the multi-sensory undertaking in the same way. Especially since each of the four entrances to “Beyond” leads to a different, unique collection of creativity.

With so much to see and feel and attempt to mentally process in this perspective-shifting art happening, it’s probably a good idea to plan for multiple trips (you’ll be wondering what’s behind those other three doors, after all), so visit factoryobscura.fun for passes and hints about the journey.

The doors open on the autumnal equinox and close for good on the winter solstice, Dec. 21; what lies beyond them – what lies in “Beyond” – is waiting to be experienced.