French Art Reigns at OKCMOA

French Art Reigns at OKCMOA

Matchless masterpieces of French and European painting are coming to the OKC Museum of Art in the special exhibition “Van Gogh, Monet, Degas.”


Some of the greatest names in 19-century French and European art can be found inside the OKC Museum of Art this month – while only a few of these masters attended the venerable Ecole of the same name, the pieces in this collection are truly beaux arts. Et bien fait, et formidable. Featuring more than 70 breathtakingly beautiful pieces, “Van Gogh, Monet, Degas” opens June 22.

The spectacular assembly, which includes the title trio, as well as Morisot, Gericault, Manet, Rousseau and more, was the product of years of careful selection and acquisition by private collectors Paul and Rachel Mellon, who then donated it to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Irreplaceable individually, the paintings in context form an intriguing portrait of decades of European art.

“This exhibition offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see iconic French masterworks in Oklahoma City,” says OKCMOA President and CEO E. Michael Whittington. “Most of the artists in the collection are household names, but the Mellons were extraordinary connoisseurs, and the works by some of the lesser-known artists will both surprise and delight. We highly recommend reserving tickets ahead of your visit.”

That’s easily done – visit or call 236.3100 to select a viewing time – but don’t wait too long. The exhibition closes Sept. 22, and missing out would be an incroyable waste.