Future Sights

Cathy Deuschle, "Specimens"

Jennifer Waldrop, "We Are Evolving"May 11 – June 1, IAO Gallery, iaogallery.org, 232.6060
Humanity hasn’t yet exhausted the creative possibilities of painting and sculpting… on the other hand, why not explore media that haven’t been around for millennia? The Individual Artists of Oklahoma’s 21st annual look at the crystallizing future of creativity known as EdgeArtNow features experimental mixed media pieces, robotics, interactive hypermedia and other conceptual voyages into new technological art frontiers. This iteration does have a link to its own past, however, as juror Michael Freed – now living in Santa Fe – was the director of IAO over two decades ago when the idea for this show took root, and is gladly returning to OKC to judge the creations of today that were undreamed of then, and could point the way to new avenues of thought in years to come.

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