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Memories of Glen's Hik'ry Inn

Remembering the way we were with a look back at the sizzling, savory charms of Glen’s Hik’ry Inn.


For Nearly 40 Years, One Of Oklahoma City’s Best-Loved Steak Houses Was Glen’s Hik’ry Inn.

 Owner Glen Eaves opened his restaurant at 2815 NW 10th Street in 1946. It sported a rustic interior of plush red booths with brown tablecloths, and Western art decorated the walls. A luncheon smorgasbord featured more than 100 items, and at dinner the signature steaks were grilled to perfection on an open charcoal pit.

At its peak, Glen’s was one of the top restaurants in the nation – voted #80 of 500 independently owned restaurants nationwide in 1977. Following Eaves’ death in 1980, the restaurant began to decline and closed its doors for good in 1985.