The Face of Criminal Defense

Jacqui Ford, Jacqui Ford Law
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Jacqui Ford became a defense attorney because she knows first-hand what it means to face the criminal justice system. Ford says, “Justice demands each client receive individualized attention. No two cases are the same. Your story is important, unique and worthy of being shared. We know justice for you is not a one-size-fits-all model.”

Jacqui Ford and Casey Davis defend clients in their most desperate times of need, helping clients be seen in the hearts and minds of both judges and juries by telling their stories. “Justice is truth in action,” Ford says. 

Ford and Davis are members of the OKC Protestors Lawyers Coalition, to serve as legal representatives for peaceful protestors arrested in Oklahoma City while exercising their First Amendment rights to free assembly and free speech. 

 “One of the things that sets us apart is we value human beings,” she says. “We love the environment we created because our clients feel at home. We build personal relationships with the people we work for.” 


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In photo: Grace Boyle, Jacqui Ford, Casey Davis