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10 Places That Do Takeout Well

There are plenty of local takeout options that travel well if all you want to do is get home and kick your feet up.

Two people dig into two takeout boxes. One box contains french fries and the other holds burgers.

Photo from The Social Order.

There are plenty of local takeout options that travel well if all you want to do is get home and kick your feet up.

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress over the next couple weeks is to let someone else do the cooking, and while we all know that Asian food is the iconic takeout and dine-in food for the days around Christmas and Christmas Day, there are plenty of other options that travel well if all you want to do is get home, open the boxes and kick your feet up. To help with that, here are 10 places that do takeout well.

Birdie’s Fried Chicken. Chef Kevin Lee’s Korean-inspired fried chicken is one of the best things in Edmond, especially the fried boneless thighs — it’s like getting a double-wide chicken strip. Throw in some cheddar-chive biscuits and the slightly savory, delicious coleslaw, and you’re set.

Dado’s Pizza. New York City-style pizza in OKC – with NYC water – is now a thing. Killer Squid Hospitality added a water treatment system to mimic the water that helps make NYC pizza so delicious. Pizza by the slice is an option, of course, but whole pies make the best takeout, and be sure to try the pepperoni.

Edge Craft Barbecue. Zach Edge is finally getting the love he’s earned from local barbecue fans, and he’s got takeout down to a science. Grab a rack of his central Texas-style pork ribs and sausages, or buy enough of his remarkable pastrami to feed your whole family, and then throw in sides of collard greens, charro beans and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Empire Slice House. Rachel Cope’s empire continues to grow with the opening of the Mayfair location Dec. 12. From specialty pizzas to straightforward classics, Empire does pizza right, and the 20” pie means there will be plenty for everyone.

Nashbird. You don’t have to go to a chain to get great Southern-style fried chicken. Chef Marc Dunham’s chicken joints are scattered around the 405 from Edmond to Norman, and the tenders are hard to beat. So are the onion rings. Family packs are available, and fried chicken always travels well.

Revolucion. One of the best things about Rev is the selection of large-scale options that feed multiple people, and they’re packaged for takeout. The al pastor wings are fantastic, and the Rev Fiesta Platter has enough variety to satisfy everyone. The genius here, though, is the taco kit and nacho kit. Both feed four, and come with a choice of proteins and vegetarian options. Yes, they have margaritas to go.

Riviere Modern Banh Mi. Small batch pho, crazy delicious bulgogi tacos, and xiu mai meatballs make this Midtown spot one of the 405’s best options for dining in and taking out. They package everything separately so nothing gets soggy or overcooked on the way home, and the flavors are what we hope is the trajectory of modern Vietnamese cuisine.

Spark. Given that they’re in a park, it makes sense that The Social Order’s excellent burger joint has picnic packs. They come with ten burgers (only one type per order, though) and fries for ten. Each pack includes pink sauce, of course, and you can also add a pint of cookie butter custard to the order.

Szechuan Story. We’re not going to call them fried chicken nuggets, but the crispy, spicy chicken dish is composed of the best fried chicken nuggets we’ve had. For an equally delicious and less spicy dish, get the shredded pork with garlic sauce or the beef noodle bowl. A fresh batch of their jasmine tea would have time to steep on the drive home, too.

Zabb Thai. Just south of Memorial on MacArthur, this Thai restaurant has all the traditional dishes you’d expect — pad thai, pad see-ew, and a selection of curries — but they also have larb, stir fry, excellent tamarind shrimp and a very good children’s menu.