Author: Mark Beutler

Winter Travel Advisory

Oklahoma’s capricious weather means winter can be curiously warm or impassably nasty, but either way it’s a peak season for beating post-holiday blahs by getting away from it all – local weather professionals take a break from meteorological forecasting to predict amazing winter vacation spots.

Life at the Top

It could be the first glimpse of the morning sun piercing the night’s blackness, or the twinkling lights of the city slowly coming to life. Maybe it’s the impending thunderstorm, with lightning dancing on the horizon. Or it could be something as simple as standing on the balcony on a crisp autumn day, gazing at Oklahoma City life 19 stories below.

The Magic Is Back

Long before she was Sandy in “Grease,” or the spandex-wearing hottie with the headband in the “Physical” video, Olivia Newton-John was first and foremost a singer.

Long Live the King

It was a Tuesday, overcast and humid. The radio in Mom’s kitchen was set to the AM dial – WKY 930, to be exact. The news hit the air a little past three. “This just in from the Associated Press: Elvis Presley has died at his home in Memphis.”

Happy Feet

Sure, leather boots are still in style for manly footwear, but this time of year many Oklahoma City Men say the flip-flop is the way to go.

Dragon's Breadth

Sitting in a doctor’s examining room, with a paper gown strategically draped and a cold draft up your backside, is not one of life’s most pleasant experiences. But it’s a piece of cake compared to sitting in that same examining room and hearing a doctor nonchalantly say he needs to test you for cancer – ASAP.

Queen of the House

She sang on “American Bandstand” with the Mamas and the Papas. She danced on “Shindig” with Sonny and Cher. She traveled and entertained the troops with Bob Hope. Long before the Flaming Lips, Vince Gill or Reba McEntire, Jody Miller was Oklahoma’s Grammy-winning darling.