Author: M.J. Alexander

Signs of Time on the Prairie

Wind, weather and most of all time combine on the Oklahoma prairie to form a distinctive alchemy with strangely artistic results, and a sense of history that endures even as the material components crumble.

Pageantry and Poignance at the Fair

It’s an odd sign to see more than 100 miles from the nearest border. WELCOME TO OKLAHOMA. The neon, red and green, shimmers above the Gate 5 entrance off May Avenue, leading into State Fair Park. What awaits beyond is the Oklahoma State Fair, an 11-day Rorschach test that has been around longer than Oklahoma itself.

The Search for Karma, Oklahoma

For years I’d looked at the dot on the map and figured it was a magical place, a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. It sat modestly in the far southern border of the state, past Durant. It had a good vibe. How could it not?