Culture & Events

Winners of the West

Excellence tends to beget excellence: for over 50 years, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum has avowedly been America’s premier institution of Western history, culture and art – so when it assembles 100 of the nation’s finest contemporary Western artists for a show, the event should bring collectors and aficionados at a gallop.

To Live

What’s it all about, really? Parsing the meaning of life has kept philosophers – and the rest of us – busy since the dawn of humanity, and one of the only things we’re sure about is that there’s no single maxim or slogan that serves as a universal answer.

The Great Race

Don’t blink. It only takes a fraction of a second, but even an instant’s distraction can be critical when the objects of scrutiny are moving over 260 miles per hour.

Out of the Past

There is no, repeat, no cause for alarm. Yes, a creature from China is about to enter Oklahoma. Yes, it’s carnivorous. Yes, it’s about 30 feet long and has shown a tendency to eat the nastiest of its neighbors. But (and this is a big but) it’s been dead for about 160 million years.

Future Sights

Humanity hasn’t yet exhausted the creative possibilities of painting and sculpting… on the other hand, why not explore media that haven’t been around for millennia?

Walk-Ins Welcome

If there’s one thing that visitors can expect from the district’s annual Paseo Arts Festival, it’s that whatever the weather, it’s going to be a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend.

Make it Merry

Dozens and dozens of artists and craftsmen from across the country form the backbone of an outdoor extravaganza of shopping, snacking, children’s recreation and creativity at its finest.