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405 Magazine’s Most Loved Stories of 2022

Oklahoma City had a lot of stories to share in 2022.

Graphic by Lillian Meador.

Oklahoma City had a lot of stories to share in 2022. Many transformative developments that will shape OKC’s future broke ground, such as the OKANA Resort, Convergence in the Innovation District and so many more we can’t list them all. Projects from the strivingly ambitious MAPS 4 initiative are beginning to take root all around the city. Four — four! — sports franchises have come to The Big Friendly.

Local artists and entrepreneurs are making their passions be heard — spreading their creative ideas across the U.S. and bringing together creative minds from all over to collaborate. One of Oklahoma’s most esteemed chefs won a James Beard Award, and another local restaurant was named one of the best in the country by multiple publications.

At 405 Magazine, we’ve told these stories and tried to capture all the wondrous things about this city: the arts, the food, the places, the things to do and the people who inspire us. It’s impossible to choose the “best” stories — they are all a part of what makes OKC shine — but we’ve gathered the stories that you, our readers, enjoyed the most over 2022. Also, we’ve picked a few we’re just proud of putting together.

Here are 405 Magazine‘s Most Loved Stories of 2022.

Food & Drink

  1. Top 11 Best New Restaurants in OKC
  2. 100 Things To Eat In OKC
  3. Mary Eddy’s Triumphant Return
  4. Taco Nation Puts Down Roots in the Wheeler District
  5. 10 Espresso Martinis You Need to Try Now

Home & Design

  1. A Bold & Bright Interior Design Project in OKC
  2. The Sweet Family’s Joyful Nichols Hills Home
  3. 5 Tips For Entertaining With Vintage Pieces
  4. A Timeless and Historical Home
  5. Floral Adventures

People & Profiles

  1. Arshay Cooper: A Most Beautiful Thing
  2. Local Artist Spotlight: Suzanne Thomas
  3. Up & Coming OKC – Young Adult Artists
  4. First Americans Museum’s Shoshana Wasserman
  5. Dr. Markus Smith On An Uplifting Legacy In Progress

Editor’s Pick

  1. Ma Der Magic
  2. Cocktail Class
  3. Turning Point for Youth
  4. Football Femme
  5. Scarlett St. Clair

Top Instagram Posts

  1. Florence Jones, James Beard Award Winner
  2. February Fashion with Serene Russell
  3. Trey Kennedy, Comedian
  4. 10 Noodle Bowls You Need To Try Now
  5. The Hammock’s Sleek California-Modern Home